Ms. Pallavi Gedamkar

Ms. Pallavi Gedamkar

Assistant Professor



Finance Assistant Professor with over 8 years in research and teaching. Thoroughly understands the learning process and works hard to adapt methods and use various teaching styles. Bilingual educator offering skill in communication, leadership and organization. More than 7 years in college-level instruction. Results-oriented Professor who works well under pressure both individually and as part of a team. Exceptional presentation, interpersonal and communication skills. Dedicated to coaching with a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence in teaching. Skillfully manages lectures and promotes open classroom discussions.




MBA (Finance)

MBA (HR) (Finance)


Research paper


Research paper 1 : “GE-International Research of Management Research, KHOJ- MAEERs MIT-SOM & SPPU “Emerging Trends in Management & Technology” (ISSN: O 2321-1709 & ISSN: P 2394-4226, Impact Factor: 5.779, Page. 326-337) Title: “Fundamental Analysis of Cement Industry: A Study of Investment Opportunity”


Research paper 2 : “International Research Conference, KHOJ- MAEERs MIT-SOM & SPPU “Innovations in Management” (ISSN 0976-8262) Page. 149) Title: “Performance Evaluation of Equity Shares & Mutual Funds w.r.t. their Risk & return”.


Research paper 3 : “National Conference- “Energizing Economies Through Business & Technology Excellence”- PIBM & SPPU (ISBN 978-81-923768-3-7) Page no.110) Title: “Study of CAPEX & Fixed Asset Analysis (wrt Varroc. Eng. Pvt. Ltd.)”




Teaching experience : 8 years

Industry experience : 0.6 Year



Accounts, Financial Management, Business Communication, Macro Economic Environment, International Finance